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Land Scaping

Landscaping is a task that combines science and art. Armed with horticultural knowledge, as well as familiarity with the elements and principles of landscape design, a landscape professional can help you transform your property.


Building plan

In architecture and building engineering, a floor plan is a drawing to scale, showing a view from above, of the relationships between rooms, spaces, traffic patterns, and other physical features at one level of structure.



land surveying is the technique, profession, art and science of determining the terrestrial or three-dimensional positions of points and the distances and angles between them. A land surveying professional is called a land surveyor.

3d-modelling Image

3d modeling and structural modeling.

3D modeling is the process of creating a 3D representation of any surface or object by manipulating polygons, edges, and vertices in simulated 3D space. You've seen the results of 3D modeling in movies, animations, and video games that are filled with fantastical and imaginative creatures and structures.


Architectural studio media.

In the field of urban computer-based interaction, media architecture is an umbrella term for installations in which displays are integrated into architectural structures.Moreover, we address the specific challenges of designing media architecture layout to design full media file for your house,office, company or organization .


Architectural design layout.

Landscape and Architectural designs must be integrated with all project design disciplines in order to optimize building performance and aesthetics. Prior to initiating any schematic design, the Architect must perform a series of coordination meetings with all project design disciplines/consultants to explore performance.

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